Chemin faisant...

Lubian, ce 3 novembre...

¡ Hola los amigos !

Pas facile de tenir un blog à jour quand internet ne se trouve pas a tous les coins de rue... Et puis, il y a un moment où tu ne "fais" plus le chemin... mais c'est le chemin qui te fait, je dirais même plus qui te "défait" et te "refait"... pour paraphraser Nicolas Bouvier dans "L'usage du Monde". Un moment où l'on n'est plus "sur" le chemin, mais "en" chemin. Aussi, j'interromps l'écriture du blog en chemin. Peut-être le reprendrais-je plus tard, après être arrivé à Santiago, ou à mon retour au pays...

Découvrez également le site internet de mon ami canadien Hans !

"Buen camino" à vous aussi !



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Haloranch a dit…

bonjour Franck,

Hans is now in Ourense, having had a difficult journey which I see you are also experiencing. The weather isn't very friendly to peregrinos.

Glad to see you are reasonably well, even if you aren't able to blog.

Franck Hidvégi a dit…

! Hola Lolita¡
I saw yesterday in the albergue of Lubian, with some words wrote in the "le livre d'or of pilgrims" that Hans had 3 days (about 100 km) in advance of me. The weather is not good, cold and raining every day and the next 3 days it'll be the same... No good ! Give my regards to Hans and "Buen Camino" to him.

Haloranch a dit…

Hi Franck,

I'll pass on the message to Hans. He spent an extra day in Ourense, which you might also like to do when you get there because they have thermal baths! After crossing the mountains in snow and rain, the hot baths were a real treat.

He expects to arrive in Santiage on Nov 9 and will spend 1-2 days there before heading to Madrid, so you might get a chance to meet up again.

Haloranch a dit…

Hi Franck,

Hans sends you this note today. He just arrived in Santiago on Nov 9.

"I have walked some very long distances since there is not much more to do. There doesn´t seem to be much point in walking 25 km, arriving at 2:00 or earlier and then having nothing to do other going to a bar and trying to read the Spanish newspapers. So, I preferred to walk 30-40 km and arrive later.

Let Franck know that I arrived today (Nov 9) and that I will lkely leave for Madrid by train or bus on Tuesday, November 11.